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Industry Sectors

We support the primary (raw materials) and secondary (manufacturing) sectors as either a principal supplier or key support partner to their supply chain.  We are all too aware of the potential losses which can arise because of the supply disruption which is why we position ourselves as your perfect partner to shield you from risk and enhance the stability of your supply chain.

Quality is our primary concern, we will exceed your internal standards.

We are flexible and are ready to take over at any time and we can perform as well, if not better than your primary supplier.

We are as concerned about your success as you are.

Power Generation

We understand the importance of alternative energy sources and work closely with blue-chip companies to assist in the replicating existing parts or producing new modules for the renewable energy sectors.  We have developed robust relationship with companies who work in:

Solar energy
Wind energy
Hydro energy
Tidal energy
Geothermal energy
Biomass energy

Marine Sector

It is imperative that apparatus utilised in the marine sector meet high requirements for both safety and reliability. We can assist with various components for this sector including those required for pressure vessels, cylinders, valves and exchangers.


Having produced interstellar parts, we understand operating conditions that are vital in the selection of structural components for aerospace applications such as stresses, temperatures, environmental conditions, moisture, air flow and radiation. This knowledge makes us the perfect partner for those working in the Aerospace industry.

Motorsport & Automotive

Having been trusted by award winning Formula 1 teams to create high precision components, BSL Industries is developing a strengthening reputation within this illustrious industry. In an industry which is continuously evolving we work with our clients to provide components made to their precise directives within their given budget and in accordance with any time restraints.

As an area of growth we are also exploring partnerships with teams from GT, Stock Car, Hot Rod, and Moto GP.

Due to our manufacturing capabilities, BSL Industries are experts in the small batch production of parts for luxury, classic, vintage and custom vehicles. 

Aerial Refuelling

Having been noted to generate potential fuel savings of 35-40%, aerial refuelling (also referred to in-flight refuelling (IFR), air-to-air refuelling (AAR), and tanking) is widely considered as the most effective way to reduce fuel consumption on long-distance flights greater than 3,500 miles.

As we appreciate the importance of renewable energy, so we understand the need to reduce our global footprints and have forged partnerships to provide components to companies who support this sector.

Precision Engineering

Our precision engineering involves the design and manufacture of complex products, machines, tools and instruments. We have built our reputation on be able to produce parts precisely correct in size and shape which have exceptionally tight tolerances and that are produced repeatedly to exact specifications.

Oil & Gas

BSL Industries are industry leaders in the manufacture of intricate oil and gas industry parts. Suppliers to Worldwide global partners we machine parts and components for all segments of the oil and gas industry such as valves, compressor discs, and more.

Additive Manufacturing

Working with partners on their R&D projects we now have a greater understanding of the unique capabilities of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes, including their ability to fabricate complex geometry and handle functional complexities, and as such we have planned investment into AM equipment which will be housed in the new plant extension area.

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