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Our Capabilities

Having recently made vast capital investments to increase its capabilities, BSL Industries offer an extensive range of high precision machine tools, including large CNC milling, turning, vertical boring, sliding head and assembly.

In addition to the precision services we offer, we are also happy to sub-contract to your requirements. We offer a variety of processes and services including: heat treatment, grinding, shot peen/blasting, gear cutting/grinding and coatings. 

Plant Capacity


Suga Vertical borer
Mori seiki NLX SY
Mori seiki NLX SY
Mori seiki NTX2000
Mori seiki NTX2000
Mori seiki NTX2000   
Mori seiki NTX2000


Kitamura HX400G
Kitamura Mycentre 4XD
Mori seiki NVX5100
Dahlil 4225
Mori seiki NMV5000 mill / turn
Dahlil DMX 320
Dahlih DMX 500   


BSL Industries temperature controlled environment and highly trained workforce, coupled with the investment in latest technology, enables us to work to the finest limits.

The CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine has a capacity of 2000mm x 1300mm x 1000mm and uses “ PC-DMIS “ software which can import a CAD model or data file and check the finished component to the design without the requirement of a drawing if need be.

There is a shadowgraph with full digital readout, surface finish measuring equipment and a full & extensive range of conventional measuring equipment, all calibrated to ISO 9001 and UKAS standards.

DEA Scirocco CMM
Shadow graph   


BSL Industries uses the innovative software to create their CNC programs. The Edgecam Part Modeler is a 3D modelling tool specifically designed for quick and simple construction and/ or modification of solid models or prepare imported data for manufacture, quickly, simply and accurately.

Edgecam is the unique CAM system that uses feature-based and knowledge-based technologies for automated machining, minimising programming times for turning and milling.

BSL also use Mori-Seiki’s own programming software, “ Mori-APL “. Their use of 64 bit Intel I7 12 core processor machines, complete with 16gb of RAM memory enables the programmers to convert Catia 5, Iges, DXF and Stp files into machining programs. 


In addition to high precision machining, BSL have expanded their expertise to take in the assembly of customer’s bespoke equipment.

All manufactured components are cleaned in our ultrasonic degreasing tank and then assembled with a combination of bought out and free issue parts in accordance with our customer’s bill of material and assembly instructions in a clean & contamination free environment.

Assemblies are then mechanically and electronically tested and signed off by our quality department. 

To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. Unknown

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